Abstract Submission Instructions

 Abstract Submission Deadline: March 31, 2023

Submit a Paper

Papers are solicited for this conference describing original work in the field of ultrasonics. A 1-page abstract should be submitted according to the specifications below.  

Each abstract will receive careful review and evaluation by the Symposium Technical Program Committee. Evaluation criteria will include originality of the work, contribution to the state-of the-art, and overall interest to the ultrasonics community.

If your abstract is accepted, authors will be required to upload a pre-recorded video. These will be uploaded to the CONFlux virtual platform. We highly encourage authors to have a presenter who is onsite at the conference to present live. If no authors are able to attend in-person, the pre-recorded videos will be played back during the live sessions.

Submission of a conference paper, up to four pages, will be highly encouraged at a later date for authors whose abstracts are accepted at the conference.

The abstract submission site will be available by January 31. 

Abstract Specifications:

All authors MUST adhere to the following guidelines to conceal their identity:

  • Do NOT include any authors’ information such as name, affiliation, e-mail, etc. in the initial manuscript.
  • Please avoid using terminology that might reveal the authors’ identity. For example, avoid self-citation phrases such as “we have previously shown (reference)…”. 
  • All references need to be anonymized. Only the volume, page numbers, journal name, and publication year of the cited article should be mentioned. The authors of the cited article must not be revealed.
  • Please do not include sponsored research funding information in the abstract.
  • If your submission includes an ethical statement, please do not include specific review board names. Instead, use more generic phrases such as ‘The protocol was approved by an institutional review board’.
  • Abstracts that contain author information will by default be rejected.

Use our templates to meet the formatting requirements below. Your abstract must comply with the following specifications:

  • Abstract Length: 1 page, including figures, tables, etc
  • Abstract Size: US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) or A4 (210mm X 297mm)

Character Limit

  • Abstract without an image: Text should be no more than 2500 characters excluding spaces. 
  • Abstract with an image: Text with an image should be no more than 2000 characters excluding spaces.

The character limit only applies to the main body of the abstract (excluding the section titles). The image, if included, may contain subfigures and labels, but it should not have captions (i.e., do not include text such as “Fig. 1. Representative results”). Refer to the image within the abstract text. The image must be scaled such that the entire abstract only spans one page.

  • Fonts: Embed ALL fonts in your PDF file. Avoid the use of Type 3 fonts.
  • File Format: Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Allowed File Size: 5.0MB
  • Do NOT page number your abstract
  • Do NOT apply security settings to your PDF file.

Deviations from the above abstract specifications could impede the review of your abstract and result in rejection.