Patrons and Exhibitors

Platinum Patron

  • Verasonics

    Verasonics designs and markets leading-edge Vantage™ Research Ultrasound Systems for academic and commercial investigators. These real-time, software-based, programmable ultrasound systems accelerate research by providing unsurpassed speed and control to simplify the data collection and analysis process. Researchers across the globe routinely use the unparalleled flexibility of the Vantage platform to advance the art and science of ultrasound through their own research efforts. In addition, every Vantage System can be upgraded to any configuration - protecting capital equipment investments and expanding research options. Verasonics’ Vantage Systems are the ideal solution for ultrasound-driven research and development in biomedical, materials science, earth sciences, and the physics of acoustics.

Gold Patrons

  • Vermon

    Vermon is leading the development and industrialization of state-of-the-art ultrasound solutions for medical and industrial applications.
    Vermon’s commitment is to innovate, design and manufacture advanced transducers and arrays with cutting-edge technology to support its customers' innovative ultrasound applications while strengthening their long-term market position with superior ultrasound imaging performances.

Bronze Patrons


    IMASONIC is a leading, private and independent company that designs and manufactures ultrasonic transducers for Health and Safety applications. Since its creation in 1989, IMASONIC has been involved in the development of innovative solutions for the medical and industrial markets, with a particular contribution in the field of Photoacoustic imaging and therapeutic applications. The company has more than 140 employees to date.

  • TFT Corporation

    TFT Corporation is a leading supplier of piezoelectric ceramics and single crystals PMN-PT / PIN-PMN-PT, which are manufactured by our group companies, Tayca Corporation in Japan and TRS technologies, Inc in the U.S. Our group also develops piezoelectric composite products achieving superior characteristics by combining resin and piezoelectric material. Our products are used in a variety of industries such as medical imaging, non-destructive testing, ultrasound sensor worldwide. We are also doing research for next-generation single crystal.

  • The Phased Array Company

    For many years, the team has been working together in a synergistic mode to come up with easy-to-use products, conventional technologies, as well as the most advanced innovations in terms of electronics and software for non-destructive testing applications.

    Our common technologies are Conventional multi-channel, Phased array and FMC/TFM family. We have further developed these with unique and numerous features. Ultra-Fast TFM is also available. We continuously keep developing to stay the most efficient in providing you all possible options.


  • FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc

    FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc is the undisputed world leader in the development of real-time ultrasound and photoacoustic systems, providing tools specifically designed to support imaging-based research. Our cutting edge technologies support researchers at the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, hospitals, and universities in their research efforts across areas including cardiovascular, cancer, neurobiology, developmental biology, and acoustics. These technologies support applications including genetic research, phenotypic studies, drug development, imaging systems development, and many more. VisualSonics' platforms combine a broad range of frequencies, high resolution, real-time data acquisition, and access to quantifiable data, all supported by powerful user-friendly software.

  • PI (Physik Instrumente)

    Redefining the limits of what can be measured and moved, together with our customers: As a worldwide partner with more than 25 years of expertise, PI Ceramic develops and manufactures sophisticated piezoceramic components, subsystems and transducers in the areas of medical technology, industrial ultrasonics and precision dosing. Seventy of the currently 320 employees at the location in Thuringia, Germany, work in research and development. PI Ceramic is part of the PI Group, the innovation and market leader for high-precision positioning technology.

  • Precision Acoustics Ltd

    Precision Acoustics is a leading global manufacturer of hydrophones, ultrasound transducers, ultrasound test stations and materials for the underwater acoustic and ultrasonic markets.

    As a recognised leader in the design and supply of products to measure acoustic pressure, intensity and power, we have the expertise to solve many of the problems associated with ultrasound in the frequency range 0.1-40MHz. Whether it is assistance with developing a new ultrasound transducer for medical or NDT applications or simulating and problem-solving an existing design, our team apply a rigorous scientific approach to ensure that all aspects of the transducer’s performance and field pattern are well understood.

Local Patron

  • Fonds de recherche Québec (FRQ)/Quebec Bioimaging Network (QBIN)