Exhibitor & Patron Prospectus

We invite you to support the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, the largest annual conference in the world dealing with the technological aspects of ultrasonics.

The breadth of the symposium is unsurpassed, including medical and industrial ultrasonics and other applications, such as consumer ultrasonics, underwater SONAR, and power ultrasonics. Interest in these applications is catalyzed by the rich technical content of oral and poster sessions addressing fundamentals, materials, transducers and novel research as well as by special sessions covering emerging topics.

The 2022 edition of the symposium attracted around 2,000 in-person and virtual delegates, including opinion leaders and technical influencers from industry, universities and government and there is always a large number of early career researchers and graduate students who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

Benefits of patronage include:

  • Immediate, global impact on awareness of your company in the ultrasonics community
  • Positioning your company as a leader in an important high-technology field
  • Potential immediate sales through better awareness of your company and products
  • Differential benefits compared with companies who do not use this communications channel
  • Medium and long-term sales through reinforcement of market awareness
  • Long term brand building of your company as a pillar in the field of ultrasonics

We hope to welcome you to Montreal, Canada in September 2023. Your primary contact for further interest is Brianna Orr, IUS 2023 Conference Manager.