Friday, September 8

The IEEE IUS 2023 includes a satellite symposium on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in ultrasound to recognize the increasing use of AI in ultrasound imaging. This satellite symposium will cover fundamental aspects of AI, such as image formation and analysis. It will also include clinical use of AI in ultrasound imaging for different organ systems from head to toe and use case scenarios from the perspective of clinicians. The emphasis of this symposium will be on educational reviews. 

The satellite symposium is not accepting abstract submissions.


  • Ultrasound Image Formation in the Deep Learning Age

  • AI-Powered Ultrasound: Physically-Inspired, Semi-Supervised, and Self-Supervised Learning for Improved Training Efficiency and Robustness to Out-of-Distribution Data

  • Physical simulations for deep learning: applications to image formation and motion estimation

  • Title to be confirmed

  • Driving ultrasound imaging by Deep Generative AI

  • EchoNet: lessons from evaluating cardiac ultrasound AI with randomized clinical trial

  • A view on the 3 Labours of AI in US imaging: Data Anonymization, Annotation, and Pathology Detection

  • Imaging of diffuse liver disease and focal liver lesions with AI

  • Automatic lung ultrasound interpretation and detection of complex lung pathologies using AI